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Haras du passage

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About us

ARDEVAC was founded in March 2012 in Loix (Ile de Ré), in order to offer a space for experimentation and development for a school of aerobatics and acrobatics on horseback carried by Manu Bigarnet. The project is based on two drivers: training and artistic creation.

Its objectives are :

  • address the lack of professional training in the equestrian arts,

  • to become a national reference point for training in the equestrian arts of the circus,

  • to encourage the discovery and practice of horseback riding,

  • to make himself known with his company Of K'Horse. 

Manu Bigarnet's work philosophy is based on the one hand on the love of this very unique art and the draught horses he employs, and on the other hand on the deep conviction that learning and practicing equestrian acrobatics is an exceptional means of communication and rapprochement between children, women and men who enjoy this discipline.

By this desire to transmit his passion and knowledge for 7 years, Manu Bigarnet offers throughout the year at the Haras du Passage à Loix courses and internships for young and old amateurs, and also accompanies several professional equestrian companies in the improvement of this art. 

At the same time, he created the Compagnie Of K'Horse in order to combine the creation of equestrian shows with training in order to make this school known and to integrate students into it in the near future.

The crew

Manu Bigarnet

After having followed an initial training at the National School of Circus Arts in Chalons (CNAC), then horse acrobat artist at the Zingaro Equestrian Theatre for 21 years, professor at the CNAC from 2009 to 2011, he founded ARDEVAC in 2012. 

A State graduate as a circus teacher, he was the disciple of the famous Francesco Caroli, his priority today is to transmit knowledge, and to ensure the development and continuity of horse acrobatics. 

Louna Latrouite

Louna works year-round with the ARDEVAC association. Rider and student of Manu Bigarnet, she assists him in these classes to learn how to transmit in turn. She passes on her knowledge of horses by supervising the care of horses and the work of the stables. 

Motivated by the project, she takes part in professional training and the creation of new shows as an equestrian artist. 

Antonin and Anatole Lebon

Anatole and Antonin have been learning vaulting with Manu for 6 years during the summer. Passionate since childhood about ground acrobatics, they are part of circus schools and train in Paris. Three years ago, they discovered Parkour, which gives them a new body approach to acrobatics. In the summer, they transmit to the students their knowledge and passion for ground acrobatics, a discipline complementary to horse riding. 


Breed: Comtois

Age: 16 years old

Coat : Flaxen chestnut

Pantin is a horse used in shows (Confidence) but also a horse for learning how to do the vaulting.


Breed : Comtois

Age : 9 years old

Coat : Flaxen chestnut

Gabin is a school horse, used for vaulting lessons. He can be part of the shows.


Equus asinus x equus caballus

Age : 13 years old

Coat : Bay

Capitana is a polyvalent mule: it can be harnessed, rode and even used for vaulting lessons. She will be one of the stars of the next show. 


Equus asinus x Equus caballus

Age : 14 years old

Coat : Bay

Voluntario is a polyvalent mule : he can be harnessed, rode and enjoys Cossack vaulting more and more. He will be one of the stars of the next show. 

but also...

President: Michel Fournier 

Honorary President: Marc Minkowski

Treasurer: Isabelle Quignard

Project manager since its creation: Claude Krespin


Present since 2012, the ARDEVAC association is located at the Haras du Passage in Loix on the Ile de Ré.


The site is in a protected geographical area, surrounded by numerous salt marshes, 200m from the small marina of Loix. The activity is developed in an idyllic setting.